Kernel structures

Some Linux Kernel Structures

Interrupt Descriptor Table (IDT)

The Interrupt Descriptor Table (IDT) is a data structure used by the x86 architecture to implement an interrupt vector table. The IDT is used by the processor to determine the correct response to interrupts and exceptions.

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Set up during kernel boot-up. For instance, sets interrupt 80 (int $0x80) for calling system calls:

set_system_gate(0x80, &system_call);

Located in

arch/i386/kernel/entry.S System call and low-level fault handling routines.
include/asm-i386/unistd.h System call numbers and macros.
kernel/sys.c System call service routines.

Process Control Block (PCB)

A process control block (PCB) is a data structure used by computer operating systems to store all the information about a process. It is also known as a process descriptor.

In Linux the PCB is named Task structure and is defined in the scheduler code

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