Mico Maco

Welcome to the personal blog of Mico Maco.

Mico Maco will, time to time, post content about things he is interested on.

So this site is, mainly, for Mico Maco’s personal use but he feels happy if it serves to some other people.

As Mico Maco is a kind of techie-geeky, you will find many posts related to Linux, programming and some CS stuff…

One of Mico Maco’s aims is to explain how a computer running Linux works, from switching it on and up to being able to run a command.

The intention is to remain comfortable in the Linux operating system, avoiding to dive down into device drivers, electronics or hardware. In any case, there will be drill downs to deeper (internals) topics like scheduling, virtual memory, file system etc., as well as things like PCB, TLB, ELF, and few kernel structures. Some network concepts (like TCP/IP or subnets) are also included, as a Linux machine feels better when connected to the world.

There is also some content about Programming, Data Structures, Distributed Systems design and IT Operations, topics that Mico Maco also uses on a daily basis…

Although Mico Maco has years of managing people and teams, this is not described here as, in his humble opinion, Mico Maco believes that it is the hardest part of IT… (but perhaps the most heartwarming !!)

Hopefully, all is explained deep enough for the avid IT devote, but also in a way that even Mico Maco can understand when reading it weeks later…

Some content in the posts is from Mico Maco own work, but quite often mixed with a lot of ideas and concepts borrowed/reprocessed from others, or even pointing directly to other’s pages. And of course, any opinion expressed here is Mico Maco understanding of things and they are expressed aiming to help and not to harm or criticize. Continuing reading is under your own responsibility.

Comments are not possible as Mico Maco has not implemented (stiiiill…) a discussion system… be (very) patient.

Enjoy your stay !!